Storage servers

Store, save or share your data

ARM or Intel Atom processors
From 2TB to 8TB
BP 250Mbps/s
From 12.00 ex. VAT/month

Storage-oriented configurations at the best price.

Need to control your storage costs? The So You Start Storage Servers offer a large capacity at an affordable price, while guaranteeing a high service level. Ideal for companies and startups wishing to deploy a reliable and efficient NAS.

BK Servers

Intel Atom N2800 CPU 2C/4T @ 1.8Ghz
2 disks for RAID 0/1

From 25.00 ex. VAT/month

ARM Servers

ARM Architecture
ARMv7 Cortex 2 core processor

From 12.00 ex. VAT/month

BK Servers

Server CPU Cores /
Freq.RAMDisk free IPs/month Price/month(1)
BK-8TIntel  Celeron J19004c/4t 2GHz /2.42GHz 4GB DDR3SoftRaid  2x4TB   SATA 16*
40.00 ex. VAT
(or €49.20 incl. VAT)

*Only setup fees of 2.00 ex. VAT/IP (or €2.46 incl. VAT) are required, renewal is free. Beyond 16 IPs, 2.00 ex. VAT/month/IP (or €2.46 incl. VAT) limited to 128 IPs and/or 16 slots per server.

BK servers are perfect for deploying NAS (Network Attached Storage). Both disks enable a RAID-1 configuration to ensure maximum reliability. Storage-oriented distributions, which can be configured with Windows or Linux, are also available from your customer account (FreeBSD, Owncloud).

ARM Servers

Server CPU Cores /
Freq.RAMDisk Price/month(1)
ARM-2TARM  Cortex A9 ARMv72c/2t 1GHz /GHz 2GB DDR3  1x2TB   SATA
12.00 ex. VAT
(or €14.76 incl. VAT)
ARM-4TARM  Cortex A9 ARMv72c/2t 1GHz /GHz 2GB DDR3  1x4TB   SATA
20.00 ex. VAT
(or €24.60 incl. VAT)
ARM-6TARM  Cortex A9 ARMv72c/2t 1GHz /GHz 2GB DDR3  1x6TB   SATA
26.00 ex. VAT
(or €31.98 incl. VAT)

ARM architecture dominates the mobile landscape and it is now available on SoYouStart servers! Thanks to their open architecture, SoYouStart ARM servers offer a range of possibilities.. You can deploy Debian 8.X and Ubuntu 16.04 (LTS) on these servers directly from your customer account. You can also opt for a version with Open Media Vault pre-installed in order to easily manage your NAS storage solution.

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