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Performance guarantees...

Launching your online activity, setting up a project or starting your business - you'll need guaranteed resources and of course, performance and stability so you can fully concentrate on your projects. The So you Start servers come with the guarantee of a quality product with excellent value for money. They are designed, manufactured and assembled by the OVH teams and all components are carefully selected and tested. Your hardware is built on the biggest names.

...to launch your business projects

With the So you Start servers, you will:

  • -get IT resources to bring your business applications together; colloborative exchange, intranet, internal management tools (e.g. accounting software), as well as file storage and exchange
  • -create and host your e-commerce shops and web businesses, and reach a wide audience using mailing lists etc (you need power to do this, meaning CPU and RAM)

SyS & You

So you Start offers the perfect solution to our needs by providing a lot of machines at maximum value.

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