The latest generation of IBM processors

has been specifically designed for intensive processing.
This scale-out approach distributes operations across dozens of threads
and provides an architecture
up to 100 times as powerful
as a classic X86.
IBM Power 8 Server
192 Threads
3.02Ghz CPU
2x12cores - 8 threads per core
including 12x300Go SAS
Ubuntu for Power 8

$501 USD


Delivery location: France
The use of POWER8 processors at SoYouStart makes the Linux on Power technology more accessible as it relies on Linux OS - Ubuntu.
We can use this power in our everyday solutions and it is commonly used for databases. In fact this high capacity for parallelization lets you perform demanding, compute intensive operations on large volumes of data. Such fast and efficient operations are made possible thanks to an internal 12 x 300 GB storage system which can be used in RAID-10.

This is notably the case with MongoDB and MariaDB, which already provide specific releases offering the benefits of this architecture. Using them on POWER8 increases the density of bases and transactions on a single instance; this is especially true with MongoDB when it comes to the possibility of operating huge bases without sharding.
As a matter of fact, these two database engines are promoting optimized releases taking full advantage of certain instruction sets specific to POWER8.