Powerful Innovations,
Dedicated Platforms

Offering high performance solutions and constantly innovating are part of our DNA

A range of dedicated solutions for a good price

So you Start is above all a range of dedicated servers designed to respond to the hosting needs of SMEs. You also get dedicated cloud solutions allowing you to take advantage of 100% dedicated hardware resources. Lastly, So you Start is a series of products designed for managing, storing and archiving your data. So you Start solutions are supported by the OVH expertise and infrastructures.

A forward-thinking team

The So you Start team is fundamentally geared towards innovation. R&D, developers, infrastructure technicians and marketing professionals are all motivated to provide the best products and solutions, the best performance, the highest availability and the fairest prices to our customers.

Innovation is in our DNA

To better respond to your current and future needs, So you Start innovates by offering exclusive new products and services.

Innovation isn't about jumping on the bandwagon - it's anticipating, following instincts and above all, testing, comparing and improving solutions and technologies to offer you the best technologies before everyone else.