Questions on the dedicated servers offer

What are the setup fees all about?

The setup fees correspond to the costs of assembling and connecting your server in our datacentres. These initial fees apply to installing the server.

When can I order the options or licences that are being offered?

You can order the options directly via the So you Start manager.

Why is the anti-DDOS protection included as standard?

Anti-DDoS protection is not optional at OVH for 2 reasons:
  • an attack on your server could affect your business by causing losses or a large service interruption
  • saturation of your access could flood the common networks and affect other customers

So to avoid anti-DDoS being a luxury option, So you Start shares the investment costs across the entire customer base and has integrated it into all its hosting services as standard.

What's the lifetime guarantee for components all about?

From the very first day and for the whole duration of your hosting service subscription, your servers will benefit from 24/7 hardware maintenance, which includes automatic replacement of faulty components for life and at no extra cost.

Can I upgrade a piece of hardware on my server?

No. Product offers are predefined and it isn't possible to add any hardware to a server. The solution would be for you to buy another server with the hardware you need.

Your website mentioned a 120-second waiting period, how come my server still hasn't been delievered?

The delivery waiting period indicated on our website is for information purposes only. If it says 120 seconds, this means that the server is already connected in our datacenter.
It is nonetheless possible that this waiting period be extended if your order has been put on hold following a request for identification documents by email.

I have two SATA or SSD disk on my server but I'm only seeing one.

By default, if your server has SATA 2 disks SATA (or SSD) it will be installed with a RAID 1 (RAID 5 if 3 SATA o SSD disks). Since disks are being mirrored in RAID 1, you will be able to use the capacity of only one of the two disks.

Can I modify the RAID type during the installation?

Yes, your server is in RAID 1 by default. However, you can choose to go with RAID 0 if you wish. To do this, tick the "customized installation" box then select RAID 0. Be careful though: you will need to keep the "/" partition (boot) in RAID 1.

Do I need to pay for additional IPs?

So You Start servers are compatible with Additional IP service. The additional IP service is available for 2 USD / IP / month.

I can't use the backup storage included in my service.

You need to create the backup storage before using it. To do so, go to the backup storage tab, then follow the procedure.
Once you have created it, you can only access it via a server that you rent.
You can only directly access your backup space from one of your servers.

I can't find my access codes for the server.

The access codes are sent to your customer account's main email address. As our servers are assigned without anything installed, these codes are sent to you after a system has been installed on your machine. If you think that you have not received the access codes, check your junk folder.

I can't work out how to install Windows server on my machine.

You need to pay for a Windows licence. You must sign up for a licence via your control panel (or register your own licence) before installing it.
In your control panel > Licences tab, you can order a Windows licence (or register your own licence).
Once you have done this and the licence has been delivered, Windows Server will be displayed in the list of distributions in the install menu.

How do I make my account VAT exempt?

There are 3 possibilities depending on your situation:
- EU Professionals:
Simply enter your intracommuntary VAT number in your customer profile to be automatically exempt from VAT.

- Non-EU Professionals:
Send us the company registration certificate of less than 3 months + a copy of the ID card of the person mentioned in the document.

- Individuals outside of the EU:
Send us a copy of your ID card or passport + a proof of address of less than 3 months.
Documents are only to be sent to us by email by clicking here

Account validation (for countries requiring documented proof).

If you are an individual:

Accepted proof of identity documents:
  • Identity card
  • or driving licence
  • or passport

Accepted proof of address:
  • Bills (Gas, electricity, telephone)
  • or bank statement
  • or compliant certified proof

If you are a company:

Accepted proof of identity documents:
  • Company manager's ID card
  • - Or the company manager's passport
Accepted proof of address documents:
  • Company's registration certificate which is less than three month's old
  • An invoice in the company's name which is less than three months old (if the company is outside of France)

Please send us these documents via email by clicking here

GAME server

I have a game or VoIP server (Teamspeak, Mumble), is Anti-DDoS protection effective?

These types of servers are more sensitive to DDoS attacks. In fact, the UDP protocol makes it easier to carry out DDoS attacks, but it also makes them more difficult to counter.
We provide anti-DDoS Game which is adapted to protect this type of server.

How is the anti-DDoS protection on the GAME servers different?

We've developed an anti-DDoS protection on Tilera which is specifically designed for GAME servers. This service can be used to filter legitimate traffic peculiar to each type of game that uses the UDP protocol. As a matter of fact, you can choose which ports you want to protect and even apply protection templates for the most popular games, directly from your control panel.

How can I configure the Game firewall?

In order to configure the Game firewall, all you need to do is access your control panel, go to the IP section, and click on the cog wheel on the right side of the IP of your Game server to select the Game Mitigation.

Veeam Cloud Connect

What happens Once the one-month free trial for Veeam Cloud Connect is over?

Once the one-month free trial is over, you need to activate the Veeam Cloud Connect product if you wish to continue using it. This can be done in your control panel by going to the service in question and clicking on "Update".
Warning: This activation must be done 2 days prior to the end of the month, at the latest. If the activation isn't done before the end of the month, you will lose your service and it will not be possible to bring it back to your customer account.

Where are the data being hosted?

Data are hosted in our North American datacenter, located near Montreal, Canada.

How do I take advantage of theVeeam Backup & Replication licence?

In order to take advantage of theVeeam Backup & Replication licence, you will need to get one directly from Veeam: Here

Is there any software support for Veeam?

There is indeed sofware support for Veeam. However, that support is provided by Veeam itself: https://www.veeam.com/cloud-connect.html

Order, renewal and payment methods

What payment methods are accepted?

Bank card (Debit Card, Visa or Mastercard); PayPal, check, and transfer.

What's involved in the validation of my order?

As per our policy of fight against fraud, we are conducting an identity check before we can proceed with the delivery of a service.

When I order a service, what is the duration of the contract?

The minimum duration is one month. When renewing your service you can choose between 1, 3, 6 or a 12 month renewal period (prices remain the same).
Automatic renewal isn't available yet. You can renew your services directly from your control panel by clicking on the "Renew" button in your dashboard.

I have generated an order but I didn't pay for it. Do I actually need to pay for it?

No, if a purchase order is generated but you have not settled it, you just have to ignore it.
Creating a purchase order doesn't entail any commitment.

When can I ask for a service to be cancelled?

If you no-longer want your service, you just have to stop renewing it.

Quand supprimez-vous le service lorsqu’il est résilié ?

The service will be deleted (and all the data it contained erased) within 24 hours following the effective date of the cancellation.
Warning: once deleted, this cannot be restored.

I have received an email in relation to a payment issue. What do I need to do?

Please follow the sorting out process indicated in the email, or login to your control panel. You will need to unblock your service by providing a payment method within 7 days following the reception of this email. Failing this, your services will be suspended. For more information, please contact our support.

If your question not in the FAQ?

Contact us by email or call us 1 844 768 7827 (toll free).

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