Cookies policy

OVH is likely to install cookies in your web browser when you visit our websites.

Cookies are pieces of data sent from the web server to your broswer, where they are stored for retrieval at a later date.

Collection of cookies can be disabled in the settings of your web browser. Your browser can also be configured so that you are notified when a cookie is saved. This means that cookies are only stored when you have explicitly agreed to it. Your browser only allows OVH to access the cookies that they installed, and not those installed by other sites.

We only use cookies with the aim of obtaining information on the use of our websites, and for statistical purposes.

The data collected via the OVH websites is in no way grouped together with other data.

Under no circumstances do cookies installed via the OVH websites allow traffic to be analysed or an audience to be targeted.

In particular, they track how the OVH site user navigates the website during their session, enabling information entered in the relevant fields to be saved from one page to the next, and ensuring the quality of the user's experience and security.

The majority of cookies installed by OVH sites will expire at the end of the user's session on these websites, or upon closing the web browser. The only cookies likely to remain stored in your browser are those that allow the image sliders present on OVH sites to be enabled and disabled.

No third party cookies will be stored in your browser by the OVH websites.

Please note that if your navigator rejects all cookies, you may not be able to use certain parts of the OVH websites, nor take advantage of all OVH services.

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