Backup Storage: Increase your storage capacity

You get a 100 GB backup space with your So you Start servers. This backup space is fully managed by our teams, so that we can offer you an easy-to-use, quality service.

You can choose to increase your disk capacity up to 10 TB.

Upgrade of your total backup space
Capacity 500 GB 1 TB* 5 TB* 10 TB*
Price (before taxes) $14.00/month

*From 1 TB, a new storage space will be offered. The data must be transferred by you within 1 month.

How to use your Backup Storage

File transfers are simple: log in to your backup server using the protocol of your choice and then add the data to be backed up. For security purposes, you can only connect to your account via your So you Start server.

The protocols supported on your backup space

So you Start servers are backed up by the expertise and innovation of OVH, the only hosting provider on the market to support these protocols:

  • - FTP
  • - FTPS
  • - NFS/CIFS (optional $2.8/month)

A look at the NFS/CIFS protocols

Using the NFS and CIFS protocols, you can create your backup space locally on your own server. So what's the benefit? Being able to access and manage your data as you would if it were stored locally, so your backups can thus be carried out using your admin tools.

SyS & You

So you Start offers the perfect solution to our needs by providing a lot of machines at maximum value.

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