KVM IP option for your server

Connect to your server as if you were actually in the data-centre

The KVM over IP Express option allows you to quickly connect to your server, for 24 hours or 1 week, if required to configure any hardware-related settings (Access to the BIOS,Shell etc..).

How does it work?

KVM over IP is a switch that allows you to share the screen, mouse and keyboard of your server with your local workstation. This module is connected to the Internet through a secure connection.

KVM over IP is an IPEPS of the ADDER brand. It also allows you to share devices such as a cdrom, or to share your files and iso.

Order your KVM IP:

For 24 hours: 25 ex. VAT

For 1 week: 149 ex. VAT

Place your order directly from the OVH manager:

Additional information:

KVM IP uses 2 USB ports of your server.

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