Veeam Cloud Connect

It's never been this easy to back up virtual machines

The Veeam Cloud Connect SoYouStart product is being closed, we encourage you to use Veeam Enterprise.

Protect your infrastructure with the latest backup in the cloud innovation

So you Start is one of the hosting providers certified by Veeam to store your data and backups with the Veeam Cloud Connect solution.

Take advantage of this service now to easily secure your backups in 1 click!

How does it work?


No matter where your data is stored, it will be directly transferred to one of our datacentres in France.


In the Veeam Availability Suite v9 interface, select So you Start from the list of providers.


The solution is compatible with all virtualisation technologies from VMware (vSphere, vCloud) and Microsoft (Hyper-V, Azure).

Datacentres at the cutting edge of technology

So you Start is based on the infrastructures of OVH, which has its own datacentres in Europe and North America and a 3 TB proprietary network worldwide. OVH is the leading hosting provider in Europe and number 3 in the world.

A certified infrastructure

Dedicated Cloud has been awarded ISO 27001, SOC 1 type II and SOC 2 type II and CSA STAR certifications. This conformity of infrastructures and services demonstrates to the OVH know-how.

High availability infrastructures

Double electric power supply, UPSs, electricity generators, redundant network - we combine all the security guarantees to make your data as secure as possible.

The benefits of the Veeam Cloud Connect solution

Remote backups

Management and control

Advanced backups

Data encryption

SyS & You

So you Start offers the perfect solution to our need for a lot of machines at the best value for money

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