Windows Server 2012



Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition:

The Standard edition brings together all the new features and roles linked to Windows Server 2012, including IIS8, Active Directory, Powershell V3, Nic Teaming, and File Services.

The system handling has been greatly improved, particularly thanks to the new "Server Manager" interface and the 2300 Powershell cmdlets available.

Price excl. VAT/month£16.99 ex. VAT/month (or £20.39 incl. VAT)

Versions:Standard Edition 64bit
Languages:English, French

Windows Server 2012 Datacenter Edition:

The Datacenter edition includes all the features and roles of the Standard Edition. You can use the licence to launch an unlimited number of virtual machines.

The optimum solution for your cloud computing project based on the new Hyper-V.

Price excl. VAT/month£110.49 ex. VAT/month (or £132.59 incl. VAT)

Versions:Datacenter Edition 64bit
Languages:English, French

Which version to choose?

Ideal forFeatures:
Windows Server 2012 Standard EditionEnvironments with minimal or no virtualisation.All the features of Windows Server outside of virtualisation (however, you can create up to 2 virtual machines by regsitering your SPLA licence).
Windows Server 2012 Datacenter EditionHybrid Cloud and high density virtualisationAll the features of Windows Server (unlimited virtual machines)


Web Hosting

40% compatible40% compatible

Email Hosting

20% compatible


Ease of use

40% compatible40% compatible



Standard Edition 64bit

Datacenter Edition 64bit

Standard Edition 64bit

Datacenter Edition 64bit





Technical details

Access to the machine Email service
FTP (port: 21) - POP3 (port: 110) -
SSH (port: 22) yes IMAP (port: 143) -
TSE (port: 3389) yes SMTP (port: 25) -
Web Services Programming
Web (Port: 80) - MySQL -
Named (Port: 53) - PHP -