cPanel is an ideal management interface for managing the services on your dedicated server (web, emails, databases etc). You can install it on your So you Start server with any distribution.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a graphical user interface for your server which enables you to manage your emails, domains, databases, and hosting...

For more info on cPanel:

Demo interfaces:

Get a cPanel licence


For more facilities, we recommend you to use our ready-to-go distribution with cPanel preinstalled.

You can install cPanel yourself with the distribution of your choice. To subscribe to a cPanel licence for your So you Start dedicated server, log in to your manager or order your server directly.

cPanel licence pricing
1 month (unlimited domain names)£30 ex. VAT/month (or £36 incl. VAT)

You can install cPanel on your Virtuozzo or OpenVZ (Proxmox distribution)VPS at a very competitive price:

Unlimited domain names
1 month (unlimited domain names)£12 ex. VAT/month (or £14 incl. VAT)

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