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Time to get started with our web hosting plans! We offer a turn-key solution for your personal, professional or e-commerce website or blog.

Bring your website to life with our web hosting plans

Our web hosting plans are simple to use, and include all of the tools you need to make your website run optimally. Create a domain name or databases to link to your website: you can configure everything from your control panel. All of the technical aspects of your web hosting plan are managed 24/7 by our experts, allowing you to focus on your core business and your content.

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Create the foundations of your website in a few clicks

Want to create your own website? Your web hosting plan includes our content management system (CMS) installation tool. When you place an order or go to the OVHcloud Control Panel, choose from the most popular CMSs (WordPress, PrestaShop, etc.) to get your website online in just a few minutes. Then, all you need to do is add your visual identity and create your first web pages.

The keys to getting started and to grow

Analyse how web users visit your website with OVHcloud Web Statistics, included with your hosting plan. This service allows you to better understand your audience and adapt your site and your content accordingly. You also have access to logs, such as web connections, SSH, FTP and error logs.

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Your website and data deserve the greatest care.

It is essential to always have up-to-date backups of your website files, as well as your data. We carry out two types of automatic backup, to give you access in the event that the changes you make to your website result in an error. The files stored on your web hosting plan are backed up, and can be restored automatically to 1, 2, 3, 7 or 14 days prior. Each database also undergoes a daily backup, and an automatic restore from 30 days prior can be performed if necessary.

Why join the OVHcloud universe?

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Simple and ready-to-use

Our solutions are perfect for getting your business off to a flying start online. Your web hosting plan includes all of the features you need to launch your website, and keep it simple to use. One-click CMS installation, free SSL certificate, databases and automatic backups: all your services are centralised in a single control panel.

Support and documentation

Need help? Our technical support is available to answer any questions you have about using your web hosting plan or any other service. Our multilingual guides are also available to help you take your first steps, configure your services or go further in using them.

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Comprehensive services and ecosystem

Join other users of our products on OVHcloud Community, the community space dedicated to knowledge sharing. You can also get special benefits by becoming a partner with the OVHcloud Partner Programme. Finally, discover a range of service offers on the OVHcloud Marketplace.

Professional solutions

In addition to our web hosting plans, OVHcloud also offers a full range of collaborative solutions, email services, and more. Our VPSs, dedicated servers, Public Cloud and Hosted Private Cloud solutions support you as your business grows.

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Your questions answered

Which hosting package should I choose for my website?

Your choice depends on the type of website you want to create. Make sure the resources and services provided with the hosting plan match your needs. At OVHcloud, we offer different solutions for different uses:

  • For a webpage, online CV or personal blog, we recommend the Personal Hosting plan.
  • If you need professional hosting for one or more websites, opt for the Professional Hosting plan.
  • For an e-commerce website or advanced multi-site hosting, we recommend the Performance Hosting plans.
  • To freely develop your websites and web applications in languages other than HTML, PHP and JavaScript, go for the Cloud Web Hosting plan, which allows you to develop in Python, Node.JS and Ruby in an isolated environment.

All of our web hosting plans include MySQL, a relational database management system. Our offers include at least one MySQL database, some disk space for storing your files, a free domain name* in the first year, and our automatic backup and restore service. Check out our web hosting comparison on our website to help you make your choice.

What is the difference between dedicated hosting and shared hosting?

A dedicated hosting plan is generally more expensive than a shared hosting plan. The former is a solution where the hardware, CPU resources, RAM and network are all dedicated to one person, such as with a dedicated server. This is a physical server or private server that the user manages in order to host websites, applications or projects like a company infrastructure.
Meanwhile, shared hosting plans provide a simple, affordable solution for hosting websites. To do this, users share a server’s resources. We can think of dedicated hosting as a level up from shared hosting, for when business needs become more significant.

How do I add security to my web hosting plan?

All of our solutions include our anti-DDoS protection. This protects your services against malicious attacks that overload the servers and make them unavailable. We ensure the security of our web hosting solution. However, you remain responsible for the security of your website and the data you store.
We recommend following standard internet security procedures: make sure you always have multiple backups of your files and data, and use strong passwords and only share them with trusted people. You can also get a free SSL certificate with our web hosting plans, which allows you to use HTTPS protocol on your website. This is reassuring for your visitors and your customers, and is essential if you process transactions (such as an online store).

How do I create a website?

To create your website, you can contact an agency, an independent developer, or create it yourself using a CMS. If you go for the last option, choose OVHcloud: the best hosting provider who offers you a CMS installation in one click! Even without any technical knowledge, you will be able to launch your first website or online shop. You are then free to adapt the design and create as many web pages and content as you need. Use marketing strategies, communications, email, SMS campaigns, social media and organic SEO to gain visibility.

What is website hosting?

To publish a website online, it must be stored on a server that is itself connected to the network. While it used to be common in the past to host a website on your own computer, it is now much more reliable and cost-effective to do so via a professional hosting provider with datacentres - computer rooms filled with servers, all connected to the Internet. With professional hardware and experts ensuring a continuous service, the hosting provider ensures the availability of websites and prevents any power outages, hardware faults, and so on. Hosting a website has several steps: choosing a domain name and a hosting plan, building a website, then going online.

Why choose an affordable web hosting plan?

The search for cheap hosting is not just about saving money. It is also a wise choice to manage the budget you have allocated for your website project. What we are looking for in an affordable hosting plan is a good balance between the services offered and the technical specifications of our website. At OVHcloud, rather than low-cost solutions, we offer services that are adapted to our customers’ needs. Like you, we love to see your projects grow and evolve with our hosting plans.

*Domain name creation and transfer is free for the first year, then renewals are charged at the annual price of the extension from the following list: .com, .net, .biz, .info, .org, .name, .fr, .re, .eu, .be, .es, .it, .de, .at,,,, .nl, .us, .ca, .cz, .ch, .in, .lt, .dk, .pm, .so, .se, .yt, .tf , .wf, .pt, .pl, .ovh, .xyz. Not valid for extensions that include free transfer.