Affordable VPS

Affordable VPS

Choose our most affordable VPS solutions

  • High performance at unbeatable prices

  • Unlimited ingress and egress traffic*

  • An isolated and secure environment

VPS Starter

1 vCore

2 GB


100 Mbps unmetered*

Get high performance at an affordable price

Our VPS range gives you competitive prices, with zero compromise on technical capacity. Assembled and configured by our team, these servers are optimized for advanced hardware and software performance. Our cutting-edge technology includes the latest Intel architectures and SSD storage, all supported by a resilient infrastructure for optimal reliability.

Your own environment

Customise your server by choosing the distribution and applications that best suit your web project. With the virtual server environment allocated to you, you can use your machine at your convenience, with whatever technologies you prefer. If your project scales up, you can easily upgrade your hardware resources at any time for further flexibility.

Server scalability

Your server requirements may change over time. This is why our VPS solutions are designed to scale up with your projects. In just a few clicks from the OVHcloud Control Panel, you can increase your CPU, RAM and disk capacity. This way, you can keep control over your budget and get all the flexibility you need to meet your goals.

Simplicity and independence

Focus on your business, and leave the hardware management to us. You control the software (root access) and other services in your environment, so you can adapt them to suit your project. We offer a wide range of Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS — so you can pick the most suitable solutions for your business.

Unlimited traffic

Our VPS solutions do not include any additional hidden costs. You get unlimited ingress and egress traffic**, so you can avoid any additional bandwidth costs while you test and run your applications.

Backup options

We offer a range of backup options to guarantee long-term durability for your data hosted on your virtual server. With both manual and automatic backup options available, you can choose the best backup type for your needs.


Our VPS range is available in multiple locations worldwide, through our network of datacentres. Select the location that is closest to where you do business. This will minimize latency for your users, while delivering a stable, reliable service. We guarantee high-quality hardware availability with a service level agreement (SLA).

Explore our virtual private servers

Limited quantity

1 vCore

2 GB


100 Mbps unmetered*

$9.10 $7.73 /month

1 vCore

2 GB


250 Mbps unmetered*

Special offer
$18.50 $12.89 /month during two years

2 vCore

4 GB


500 Mbps unmetered*

Special offer
$35 $24.40 /month during two years

4 vCore

8 GB


1 Gbps unmetered*

Special offer
From$51.50 $35.89 /month during two years

8 vCore

From 8 GB to 32 GB

From 160 GB SSD NVMe to 640 GB SSD NVMe

2 Gbps unmetered*

Your questions answered

What are the differences between a web hosting plan and a VPS?

Shared hosting is the perfect solution for people who aren’t tech gurus, but want to launch a website. The environment is pre-configured with a limited number of supported programming languages, to meet the most common use cases. Unlike shared hosting, a VPS gives you a standalone hosting space with total freedom in terms of how you manage your environment. Once you have chosen your operating system, you can configure it to suit your needs. This solution is perfect if you are looking for a specific configuration for your project, or if you want to perform tests.

How do I choose between a VPS and a dedicated server?

There are two main differences between a VPS and a dedicated server: the type and volume of resources. A VPS is a virtual machine deployed on the basis of a physical server. A dedicated server is a physical machine with no software layer. This comparison concretely demonstrates the difference in resource allocation for these solutions. A VPS offers an allocated portion of the physical server’s resources, which makes it a perfect solution for controlled projects that do not require high volumes of resources to work. A dedicated server offers all the physical server’s hardware resources, whether you need them all or not. For a specific project with a small budget, a low-cost VPS server is the best solution, and delivers all the performance you need. You can always add resources to your virtual server as required, without needing to change machines or perform a migration.

What is a VPS?

By definition, a VPS (virtual private server) is a non-physical computing server. VPS deployment involves installing virtualization software on a physical server, so it can be partitioned into several virtual servers. This means the physical server’s hardware resources are divided between each VPS. There are many advantages to using virtualization technology. It offers a lot of flexibility, since it is easy to add resources as required without having to migrate to another server. Like a standard server, a VPS includes an operating system and software you can use to make your own server environment. You can host many different types of web project on it, such as applications and websites. A VPS is a solution usually offered by a web hosting company, or a cloud computing service provider.

How do I choose a low-cost VPS?

Picking the most affordable VPS for your project is an easy process. Contrary to what one might think, the first element to consider is not the price, but the services offered. This is the criteria that will determine the most suitable server. Evaluate the services required for your application or test environment to work properly: RAM, storage space, network capacity, processor, etc. Next, identify the additional services that could make your VPS the best option for your project. Backup options, anti-DDoS protection, external disk space, availability and location are just some of the things to consider. Once you have determined your requirements, simply select the lowest-price VPS that ticks all your boxes. Ensure there are no hidden costs when you use your low-cost VPS server, as some cloud hosting companies will add them. At OVHcloud, traffic is included and unlimited*, so billing is transparent. Want to set up a machine for testing? Explore our Starter models, which are the most affordable SSD VPS in our range.

What are the advantages of a VPS?

The virtual aspect of a VPS is what sets it apart from other solutions, and makes it a flexible option when it comes to adding resources. This means you can keep your resources as closely in line as possible with your needs, and only pay for what you use. A VPS can be scaled to suit your project’s growth. Since users are free to choose the operating system (Linux or Windows), software and programming languages they use, it is well-suited to a wide range of use cases. From hosting applications and websites to databases, pre-production and production environments, the possibilities are endless.

*For VPSs hosted in Sydney and Singapore: 1TB traffic/month for the Starter and Value ranges, 2TB/month for the Essential range, 3TB/month for the Comfort range, and 4TB/month for the Elite range. Bandwidth is reduced to 10 Mbit/s once the monthly quota has been exceeded.

**Excludes datacentres in the Asia-Pacific region.