Questions on the dedicated servers offer

What are the setup fees all about?

The setup fees correspond to the costs of assembling and connecting your server in our datacentres. These initial fees apply to installing the server.

When can I order the options?

You can order the options directly via the So you Start manager.

Why is the anti-DDOS protection included as standard?

Anti-DDoS protection is not optional at OVH for 2 reasons:
  • an attack on your server could affect your business by causing losses or a large service interruption
  • saturation of your access could flood the common networks and affect other customers

So to avoid anti-DDoS being a luxury option, So you Start shares outs the investment costs across the entire customer base and has integrated it into all its hosting services as standard.

What's the lifetime guarantee for components all about?

From the very first day and for the whole duration of your hosting service subscription, your servers will benefit from 24/7 hardware maintenance, which includes automatic replacement of faulty components for life and at no extra cost.

How is the anti-DDoS protection on the GAME servers different?

We have developed a new anti-DDoS protection on Tilera which has been specifically adapted for the GAME servers. This service enables the legitimate traffic to be filtered specifically for each type of game using the UDP protocol.

How do I make my account VAT exempt?

There are 3 possibilities depending on your situation:
- EU Professionals:
Simply enter your intracommuntary VAT number in your customer profile to be automatically exempted from VAT.

- Non-EU Professionals:
Send us the company registration certificate of less than 3 months + a copy of the ID card of the person mentioned in the document.

- EU Individuals:
Send us a copy of your ID card or passport + a proof of address of less than 3 months.
Documents are only to be sent to us by email by clicking here

Account validation (for countries requiring documented proof).

Accepted proof of identity documents:
  • Identity card
  • or driving licence
  • or passport

Accepted proof of address:
  • Bills (Gas, electricity, telephone)
  • or bank statement
  • or compliant certified proof

Please send us these documents via email by clicking here

If your question not in the FAQ?

Contact us by email or call us 1 844 768 7827 (toll free).