Failover IP

So you Start dedicated servers enable you to take up to 128 failover IPs as an option. It only takes a few seconds to switch a FO IP or an IP block from one server to another.

These IPs allow you to avoid the interruptions that could lead to hardware failure, overload or any other kind of issues on your infrastructure.

IP and IP block pricing

Up to 128 IPs and/or 16 slots* available from:

Individual Failover IPs IP blocks
Quantity of IPs/Slot 1 IP (/32) 4 IPs (/30) 8 IPs (/29) 16 IPs (/28)
Setup fees $1.50/IP
Monthly subscription**$1.50/IP

*Slots represent the number of available configurable routes that can be used to associate or link an IP or IP block to any given server. A slot can be configured with one or in the case of an IP block, many IPs. Servers are limited to 16 slots and or up to 128 IPs per server. If you plan to use the maximum amount of IPs available to your server, slot management is important.

**Except for any IPs included with your server.

Using Failover IPs

Make sure that your hosting system configuration is based on the failover IP and not on the fixed IP address of the server. This way, the entire configuration linked to the FO IP will be saved when moving to another server.

During this operation, you will need to copy your configurations and projects to the new server. As the configuration is linked to the FO IP, there is no need to reset everything on the fixed IP of the new server. The configurations and data are identical: everything will work as before.

Use cases

1) Change of server/upgrade

In this example, your data is hosted on dedicated server A (with fixed IP A), and configured to failover IP Z.

failover ip

If server A is no longer powerful enough to host your projects, then you can order a new server: server B, with fixed IP B.

failover ip server

a) You first need to copy the data and configurations files from server A to server B.

b) Then you switch the routing of FO IP Z: from server A to server B. Your configuration files, as well as your data, run on the new server (B) and are then linked to the FO IP. SMTP, POP3, Apache, DNS and MySQL configuration will not change.

2) Failover IP and backup servers

In this example, your have two servers: a main server (server A) and a backup server (server B).

Your data is configured on failover IP Z and routed on server A. You regularly copy your projects from server A to server B.

a) When server A is down, you can switch the routing of failover IP Z to server B. All your services will work on server B while server A is being repaired.

b) As soon as server A is up again, simply copy your data from server B to A and switch the failover IP routing back to server A.

This configuration has two advantages:

- you save the data stored on server A

- server B is called on in the event of A going down

3) Using multiple failover IPs

If you host multiple websites, you can use 2 failover IPs and some of them will be assigned to failover IP FO Y and others to IP FO Z.

When server A isn't powerful enough to host the websites of failover IPs Y and Z, you can order a new server B and switch the failover IP Z routing to server B. Server A won't be hosting the sites for failover IP Y any more, resulting in decreased load and improved performance.

4) International level

If you host international projects then search engine optimization (SEO) will be of great interest to you. The ranking of many search engines is directly affected by the location of the hosting IP address. So you Start enables you to host a project on server A with failover IPs located in the US and in Canada.

Interactions with OVH

Failover IPs are a unique technology developed by OVH, which the SoYouStart servers can also benefit from.

The SoYouStart failover IPs are compatible with all SoYouStart servers.

They can be migrated from a SoYouStart dedicated server to an OVH dedicated server.

However, the opposite does not apply: failover IPs cannot be migrated from an OVH dedicated server to a SoYouStart server.

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