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Perfect for hosting your favourite games!
Powerful anti-DDoS Game included

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SyS & You

The world leader in instrumental music downloads chose So you Start dedicated servers

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The versatile server
to host your website.

Intel Xeon W3520 processor 4 cores/8 threads.
120 GB SSD for gaming + 100 GB storage
space included.

$42.00 CAD /month



A very high frequency processor (3.4 GHz)
for optimised applications.

32 GB RAM.
2 x 2 TB disks + 100 GB of storage
space included.

$56.00 CAD /month



The server designed for gaming.

Intel Core i7 4790K processor designed for gaming
1 x 120 GB SSD + 100 GB of available space
space included

$64.00 CAD /month


Why choose So you Start?

So you Start offers you a full range of dedicated and innovative infrastructures for the deployment of all your projects. So you Start products have been designed to respond to your performance and stability needs, and are optimised to guarantee you maximal reliability and excellent value for money.

Dedicated servers, dedicated cloud solutions, data-focused services and Big Data are supported by the infrastructures of OVH, the number 3 hosting provider in the world. OVH has its own complementary services, including support, specialist teams and a user-friendly customer interface.

Innovation is in our DNA

So you Start stands out from other providers as it's willing to offer you, in exclusivity, unique technologies, such as network, hardware, virtualisation and computing technology. You will be amongst the first to test out cutting-edge solutions and and integrate them into your infrastructures. So You Start is the meeting point between the best, market-approved technologies and the most vital innovations.

15 data centres
in Europe and North America

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Our own global network
with a capacity of more than 3 Tbps!

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(3 datacentres)

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SyS & You

So you Start offers the perfect solution to our need for a lot of machines at the best value for money

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