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So you Start: High performance at unbeatable prices from OVHcloud

The So you Start offers take advantage of the 20+ years of expertise accumulated by OVHcloud. We support your web project, whatever its size and location. So you Start servers are available across Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region, thanks to a global network and datacentres located around the world.

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What is the So you Start range that is integrated into the OVHcloud Eco solution?

So you Start has a strong ambition: to offer a high-performance, affordable dedicated server solution. It meets a professional need for reliable machines for web development projects, website hosting and even video games.
So you Start aims to offer services that are adapted to your needs while integrating its range with the OVHcloud Eco solution. In addition to taking advantage of all the expertise and services offered by us as Europe’s leading cloud services provider, So you Start maintains its determination to offer solutions that are environmentally responsible.

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400,000+ servers
in operation

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+ 33 datacenters
around the world

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over 1.6 million
customers in 140 countries

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20+ years
of innovation

Circular economy and value chain management

Choice of hardware: we design optimised, reliable servers by selecting components known for their performance and durability.

Server maintenance: in each datacentre, our team works around the clock to maintain the machines and services. Our infrastructures are rigorously monitored to ensure that they work properly, and to ensure that we are making the most of our components.

Redistribution between datacentres: the servers we produce are distributed logically between each datacentre to ensure that our solutions are available worldwide, while avoiding any superfluous production.

Component reuse: we have perfect knowledge of and control over our servers, because we design them. As soon as a server is removed from our racks, it is disassembled and the parts are tested to reuse as much as possible.

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